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April 12-13th - Spring Matsuri Presented by Link ECU - Sportsdrome Speedway Clarksville, IN

May 10th -Round 2  Friday Night Lights - Sportsdrome Speedway Clarksville, IN

July 21st - Summer Showdown! Presented by Link ECU 

August 11th - Round 4 Presented by Link ECU 

Sept 15th - Round 5 Presented by Link ECU

Oct 18th-19th - Fall Masturi Presented by Link ECU - Sportsdrome Speedway Clarksville, IN

PetrolBox Drift Limbo will be a part of Matsuri events and the Showdown

All of our events cater to all skill levels of drifting and include multiple run groups to ensure you get the most of your time with us! 

For those of you who are already competing or interested in competing in our competition portion of each event day please note that ALL Riverside Drift events will have points on the line for our prizes from our partners at Link ECU, PetrolBox and Red line Oils